The ‘S’ stands for Sheffield, Salon, Structural and Steel

We can produce one-off’s or a full set of ‘S1-Stations’ custom made to fit any commercial salon or retail space. The stations above were precisely measured and fabricated to fit perfectly within the salon space. The hanging wall stations were designed to magically float on hidden brackets – these brackets double up as secret shelving to help stylists store there tools, equipment and products out of sight, additional tube lighting can also be added to increase visual impact. The freestanding T-shaped station (with double sided mirrors) acts as a room divider – splitting the open-plan salon into zones and seating 3 people comfortably in the process. They give the client maximum privacy while taking up minimal footprint, fully utilising every inch of the salons vertical space.

The S1-Stations move away from the plain-clinical aesthetic most salons adhere to – we wanted to mix modern lines with a raw and industrial approach – bringing strong structural elements into salons and commercial interiors – letting good-honest materials take centre stage, with a gentle nod to our Sheffield manufacturing roots.

We can tailor these to suit your salon or commercial space – with a range of options and colours to choose from:



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