Om Rhythm



Om Rhythm

Size: 1200 L x 600 W x 360 H – Editions are made to order by hand here in Sheffield.

The low-table is a structural investigation into the invisible forces that shape reality. The composition is fabricated entirely from 6mm diameter steel rod, the design uses a six dot braille pattern for the leg formations which spell out a hidden mantra/word resulting in a 3D structural representation of the universal sound vibration ‘Om’. Mantras are an advanced form of meditation which help us delve deeper into stillness & silence and away from the 60-80,000 thoughts the average person has per day. The welding and fabrication is a playful process using intuition to guide the building & placement of each segment meaning each table will be the same overall-outline but with unique and slightly different patterns.

These special edition pieces make a very intriguing and eye catching centre piece.



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