Om Vessels







Om (Wall) Vessel

Large size: 275 L x 285 W – Small size: 200 L x 180 W | Editions are hand made in small batches

These rare & luxury artefacts challenge and re-define existing typologies. The sculptural wall vessel can be configured at any height to create unique yet practical wall clusters resulting in a stunning art constellation, the storage void offers the perfect place to store your precious car/house keys and other pocket items before hanging your coat up. They can also be used as a passive speaker to naturally amplify music from your smart phone’s loudspeaker. In an active state the vessels are highly functional design objects and in a passive state they become an art or sound installation.

The name OM is taken from the sanskrit mantra used when meditating it is said to contain all the sounds in the sound spectrum similar to white light in the colour spectrum.


For us local heritage and high quality production are key factors thats why the vessels are hand spun locally using traditional techniques & produced in small batches here in Yorkshire by highly trained craftsman.


Black Metal (large): Made from aluminium powder coated gloss black. Comes with an orange wall bracket. (Signature Vessel) | PRICE: £295

Brushed Metal (large): Made from aluminium, brushed finished with a luxury clear lacquer. Comes with a black wall bracket. (Special Edition) | PRICE: £395

Acid-Yellow Metal (large): Edition size: 1 only. Made from aluminium, brushed finished with a an acid yellow fade and clear lacquer. Comes with a acid yellow wall bracket. (Rare – One-off Edition) | PRICE: SOLD



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