Bespoke Made #1

Case Study

>Volt Salon – Sheffield

The Brand Story

After an initial meeting with the client we quickly started to formulate a simple brand story & brief extracting from the clients visions, values and aims. Working closely together we soon started to see a brand synergy emerge and Volt was born. The name and logo captured the clients ‘electric’ personalities perfectly and laid the way for the rest of the project, satisfying the clients request for a bold and edgy visual identity in the process. In fact this idea of ‘electricity’ became a key ingredient in the overall brand DNA. The brand was also developed in line with the interior brief to reflect the raw materiality & exposed aesthetic of the building. The logo can be used dynamically to punch through sheet metal to form cut outs for signage and also used a number of ways for print / web material. The result was an independent brand that evokes electricity, cutting edge & forward thinking style while staying grounded in the virtues of Sheffield’s industrial values & history at the same time – these were the threads we used to tie the whole story together.


The Interior Brief

We created a simple yet effective interior brief alongside the brand story, built on the foundation of Sheffield’s post industrial heritage. We wanted to strip back the false skins & coverings that the space had accumulated over the years to reveal the true hidden nature of the grade 2 listed building. The concept was to let the space breath & come alive by unveiling its hidden features: brickwork, timber floors, stonework, girders and steelwork were unearthed and given a new lease of life. We used brick-ceramic tiles to further echo the brickwork patterns and wanted to accentuate the beautiful interior arches that flowed through the space on all sides. Elevation drawings and early ‘mock up’ visuals were produced to understand the space & convey ideas to the client.


Interior Architecture & Statement Pieces

Finally key pieces were commissioned to complete the interior story – their aim was to further accentuate the raw beauty of the space. Stainless steel a Sheffield icon along with other sheet metals were the perfect material choice, we looked at ways to fold the material to help bounce light around the space. The outcome was several floating mirror stations that magically hang from the wall on hidden brackets, the brackets themselves double up as secret shelves to help stylists hide their tools and products. Hidden tube lighting adds a further dimension to the mirrors giving a neon-halo illuminated effect… again tapping into the ‘electric’ brand story. The freestanding stations were created as a clever structural element  – this time the emphasis was on taking up as little footprint as possible while also dividing the space and giving the clients as much privacy as possible.


Bespoke Made Image Temp-05-05-05


We highlighted the reception desk as the most important area of the salon – it’s the junction point where inside meets outside, it’s the first & last impression a visitor will have of the brand. It’s the epicenter and heartbeat of the salon so we wanted to create a sunning centre piece & practical focal point. This time we folded brushed steel sheet to create angular lines giving a structural presence in space. A mirror was added to the front void to reflect views and again elevate the raw exposed beauty of the salon.


The building is grade 2 listed which meant that we couldn’t use interenally illuminated signage modules outside – instead we decided to utilize the huge windows and the material properties of polished steel to make a projector sign that reflects the bulding and bounces light into peoples eye lines as they walk past.

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