Established in 2012 Anwar Studio is the creative outlet of Industrial Designer Steven Anwar. Steve holds a bachelors degree in Industrial Design and graduated from Sheffield Hallam University studying at the iconic Psalter Lane campus. Based in Sheffield the heart of England’s industrial north, the studio produces sculptural furniture objects, art installations & bespoke interior commissions, fusing industrial materials and processes with high quality craftsmanship. Anwar likes to draw from his dual heritage bringing together eastern thinking & ideas with northern industrial manufacturing & materials with a firm focus on the hand made. The style is a contemporary mix of traditional, experimental, and futuristic typologies blurring the lines between design, art and object.


Made in Sheffield | Millennium Gallery Sheffield – 2016-17

Park Hill | Sheffield Design Week – 2015

TENT | London Design Festival – 2014

David Mellor Design Platform | London Design Festival – 2014

MADE NORTH Gallery | Sheffield Design Week – 2014

DesignJunction | London Design Festival – 2013


Anwar is well known for his use of meditation running various classes, courses & workshops alongside his design output, much of his creative inspiration is taken from this multifaceted topic. His classes are designed to help people and busy professionals excel amongst the hectic daily rhythms of life – teaching skills to restore balance, reduce stress & tame busy non-stop thoughts by tapping into stillness and silence. Meditation plays a key role in Anwar’s work and life.

“I’m a big believer in the positive impact both meditation & design can have on our daily human experience – meditation is like my in-breath & design my out-breath” ~ Steve Anwar


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